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  • AP II is determined to be the Industry Leader of the Ministry of SOEs


Latest news about PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)

AP II is determined to be the Industry Leader of the Ministry of SOEs

14 Aug 2019, JAKARTA - BUMN BUMN Forum (FEB) The Ministry of BUMN has set PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) as a company with the title of Industry Leader.

Ph. SVP of Corporate Secretary of PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II Achmad Rifai said that the predicate was obtained following the company's success in achieving a score of 681.00 in the measurement of SOE's Superior Performance Assessment Criteria (KPKU).

KPKU measures the performance of the financial and non-financial aspects of all 114 BUMN companies. Not many SOEs have won the title of industry leader, based on their position as market leaders and also innovative trend setters in the airport industry in Indonesia.

In detail, he continued, there are seven categories measured through the KPKU namely Leadership; Strategy; Customer Focus; Measurement; Knowledge Analysis and Management; Workforce Focus; Operational and Business Results.

"The predicate Industry Leader achieved was the result of the company's transformation and various innovations in the operational and service sectors at the company's airports," he said in a press release on Wednesday (08/14/2019).

These results, he continued, are due to the hard work of all employees in providing world-class services in all airports managed by the company, supported by the transformation of digital-based companies and service innovation.

Meanwhile, after the team formed by the Ministry of SOEs carried out KPKU measurements on AP II, it was found that there were a number of key themes strengths.

These strengths include senior leaders who bring the 3 GB transformation (TRIPLE GB), namely getting bigger, getting broader and getting better. This 3GB transformation makes the company bigger in terms of business size (getting bigger), then broadens the scope of the company's business portfolio (getting broader), and increases employee skills and competencies (getting better).

Another AP II strength is related to efforts to improve service because it is considered willing to listen, interact and observe customers to obtain information to improve service.

Meanwhile, related to digital transformation, the company is considered to be able to ensure that information technology systems are easy to use by users.

At present, he continued, AP II has platforms and digital applications specifically for the internal company and services for the community and customers at large.

Applications for internal companies include iPerform which contains a variety of live performance information, tenant transaction data at airports, passenger and flight movements, and training modules for employees.

For customers and the wider community, it provides the Indonesia Airports application which provides a variety of information that makes it easier for airport passengers during pre-journey, on-journey, and post-journey.

"The satisfying KPKU measurement results are a great asset for us to reach the Go Global target. So later we will not only be able to speak on a national scale but also at the global level," he said.

Author: Rio Sandy Pradana
Editor: Hendra Wibawa