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New Procedure for Airplane Passengers, Fill in e-HAC Now Use PeduliProtect

02 Sep 2021

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) announced a new procedure for airplane passengers at all airports owned by the company. AP II Vice President of Corporate Communication Yado Yarismano stated that currently filling out the e-HAC form is done through the PeduliLindung application.

“AP II Airport fully supports PeduliLindung. We have prepared various supporting infrastructures for the use of the application," Yado said in a statement on Tuesday, September 1, 2021.

The e-HAC is a form that must be filled out by air transportation passengers to prevent the spread of Covid-19. E-HAC must be presented to the health officer at the destination or arrival airport.

Initially the airport manager had its own e-HAC application. However, after integration with the PeduliLindung application, passengers no longer need to download the e-HAC application. Yado asked passengers who had downloaded the old e-HAC application to delete it.

"The Ministry of Health informs that the stand-alone e-HAC application is no longer used, replaced with the e-HAC feature in the PeduliLindung application. In line with that, airplane passengers can fill in the e-HAC at PeduliLindungi, which will then be verified by the Ministry of Health's Port Health Office at AP II airport," he said.

Yado added, the PeduliLindung application can simplify the flight process for people who have to travel in urgent circumstances in the midst of a pandemic. PeduliLindung application can be downloaded on iOS and Android systems.

After having the PeduliLindung application, prospective airline passengers who already have a digital vaccination card and digital Covid-19 test results can go directly to the check-in counter to process departures. That way, passengers no longer need to carry paper documents or vaccine certificates.

"We urge prospective flight passengers to carry out a Covid-19 test in a laboratory or health facility that is integrated with the allrecord-tc-19 (New All Record / NAR) application belonging to the Ministry of Health, so that the results can be sent directly to the PeduliLindung account," Yado said.