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  • AP II Closes 2022 by Serving 62 Million Aircraft Passengers at 20 Airports, Skyrocketing 100% Compared to 2021


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AP II Closes 2022 by Serving 62 Million Aircraft Passengers at 20 Airports, Skyrocketing 100% Compared to 2021

02 Jan 2023

PT Angkasa Pura II closes 2022 by serving the departures and arrivals of around 62 million airplane passengers at 20 airports managed by the company.

The number of passenger movements has skyrocketed 100% compared to 2021 of 31 million passengers.

Meanwhile, the number of flights (take off and landing) was recorded at around 510,000 flights, an increase of around 40% from the previous 360,000 flights.

President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin said the significant increase in flight traffic at AP II airport was driven by three things, namely the improvement in pandemic conditions which increased demand for travel by plane, the success of AP II in ensuring airport facilities and services as well as the availability of flight time slots, as well as the ability of airlines to provide fleet.

"The handling of the pandemic is very good which makes the pandemic conditions better, then the demand for travel by plane grows, then airlines can provide fleets to meet needs, and AP II is able to provide flight time slots and manage airport operations to provide various facilities and services. These three things are interrelated and can complement each other. As a result, the cumulative number of passengers at AP II's 20 airports in 2022 will reach 62 million passengers, an increase of 100%," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

The improved pandemic conditions have also made it possible to organize Eid 2022 transportation, as well as 2022/2023 Christmas and New Year transportation, which are one of the factors driving demand for flights.

"We are grateful for the support from the Ministry of SOEs, Ministry of Transportation, AirNav Indonesia, TNI and Polri, as well as all other stakeholders so that during peak season periods when demand is high, AP II and airlines can accommodate existing requests. The 2022/2023 Nataru transportation has so far been running smoothly and successfully," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Naruto Transport
During the implementation of the Nataru transportation which began on December 19 2022, flight traffic at AP II airport was recorded to be quite high.

The number of passenger movements on 19 - 31 December 2022 (D-6 to H + 6 Christmas) cumulatively at 20 AP II airports recorded 2.72 million passengers, an increase of around 64% compared to the same period last year of 1.66 million passengers.

Meanwhile, aircraft movements reached 21,572 flights or an increase of 36%, and cargo transportation reached 26.79 million kilograms.

Specifically for Soekarno-Hatta Airport, during the Nataru transport 19-31 December 2022, passenger movements reached 1.69 million passengers, up 65%, with aircraft movements recorded 12,234 flights or up 38%.

"Increased flight traffic can be managed properly at AP II airports. Cumulatively at 20 AP II airports, the peak of the flow of departures will be on December 23, 2022 or D-2 Christmas with the number of passengers reaching 242,378 passengers and flights reaching 1,814 flights, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Awaluddin conveyed that the peak arrival flow is expected on January 2, 2023 with a total of 220,000 passengers with around 1,600 flights.

"The peak flow of arrivals will be on January 2, 2023, we urge airplane passengers to manage the time so they can process departures properly," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Anticipate extreme weather
During this Nataru transportation period, BMKG informed that there is a potential for extreme weather.

AP II and stakeholders take anticipatory steps in dealing with extreme weather, including ensuring that airside and landside facilities can remain optimal, including runway overruns as well as taxiways and aprons that are always in good condition.

"AP II, airlines and AirNav Indonesia also pay attention to delay procedures (departure delays), then divert (flight diversion), as well as procedures for aircraft returning to the apron (return to apron/RTA) and aircraft returning to the airport (return to base/RTB). )," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Following this, on 19 - 31 December 2022 at AP II airport there were 14 flights that underwent procedures to anticipate bad weather, be it diverted, delayed or returned to base.

On January 1, 2023, there were 4 flights bound for Soekarno-Hatta Airport which underwent diverting procedures to other airports as a weather precaution.

This procedure is followed for flight safety.

AP II Director of Commercial and Service M. Rizal Pahlevi said that Nataru transportation at AP II airport ran smoothly and was successful supported by various programs that present a customer experience, such as Flashmob on 31 December 2022 at Soekarno-Hatta Airport by AP II directors, Lion Air directors, as well as airport staff.