Board of Commissioners


President Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, 55 years old. He had completed his formal education in bachelor degree from Universitas Indonesia (1985), and Master degree in Business Administration (1993) and Ph.D (1998) from University of Illinois, USA.

His professional experiences as Permanent Lecturer at University of Indonesia (1988 - present), Chairman of Science Master and Doctoral Program in Management FE UI (1998 - 2005), Acting of Head of National Agency for Export Development (2005 - 2006), Chairman of Program MM UI (2005-2013), and founder of the Foundation Rumah Perubahan (2007 - present) .

He had attended many trainings such as Asian Productivity Center, The Japan Productivity Center in Tokyo (1990), Harvard Business School (Microeconomics of Competitiveness : Firm, Cluster, & Economic Development) , Clusters & Competitiveness (2000 - 2005), Yale School of Management (Yale Global Network on Advanced Management), Advanced Management (2011 - 2013), and Advanced Training at Babson College, USA ( 2014 ), Leadership in a Transformational Digital Era at Cambridge AGLP (2017), Glomac Sragic Thinking & Bisnis Planning GLOMACS NY-USA (2017).



Indonesian, 56 years old. He was completed his education in Diploma III Accounting from State Accounting College (1981), Diploma IV Accounting from State Accounting College (1987), and obtained his Master in Accounting Science from University of Missourri, Amerika Serikat (1991).

Professional experiences in many position such as Deputy Director of Investigation Deputy Local Governmenr Agencies Investigation in BPKP (2000-2004), Anti-Corruption Component Manager in BPKP (2002-2004), Director of Investigations in KPK (2005-2011), Deputy of Prevention in KPK (2012-2014), and Deputy of Investigation in BPKP (2014-now). 

He was attending many training and has professional skills as Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Indonesian Institute Accountants (IAI), Association for Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE), and International Association for Accounting Education Education & Reseracher (IAAER), and international Association for Accounting Education Education & Reseracher (IAAER), The Institute of Internal Auditor Canada National Conference Canada 2016, Frauditing, Sydney IIA (The Institute Of Internal Auditor) 2017.



Indonesian citizen, 59 years. He had completed his military education from AKABRI Air Force (1981), SESKOAU (1995), SESKO TNI (2005), Law Bachelor Degree in STHI Gorontalo (2009).

He had experienced such as Danpuslat Kodiklat TNI (2012-2013), Commander of Korphaskas (2013-2014) , Vice President of Security & Risk Management PT Freeport Indonesia (2015). And he had special assignment as the United Nations Observer Mission in Iran and Iraq (1989-1990), Assignment Operations, Education and Training in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia (2000-2014) .

He had attended in trainings such as Program ACI 8th Annual Airport Economics & Finance Conference and Exhibition in London, England (2016), Program 6th Airport Construction Summit ACS di Shanghai, China (2016), Corporate Compliance Seminars (CCS) - Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Washington DC, USA (2016), Expand Leadership Program CLDI (2017), Leadership in Transformational Digital Era in Cambridge AGLP (Asean Global Leadersip Program) 2017.



Indonesia citizen. 46 years old. He has completed his undergraduate study formal in Mathematics at Sebelas Maret University (1995).

He has experienced in many work fields as Head of Agriculture Section PPT (June 11, 1990), Chief of Industry Strategic I PPT (May 5, 2000), Chief of Data Processing I (March 8, 2001), Head of subdivision of Data Collecting and Processing (July 2, 2002), Head of Business Sector Various Industries (February 14, 2006), Head of Information System (October 8, 2010), Head of Business Service Ia (September 19, 2013), Head of Business Banking and Insurance II (9May 2014), Head of Financial Service, Survey and Consultant IIa (October 22, 2015), and now concurrent positions as Assistant Deputy Human Resource Management Executive SOE (January 19, 2016) and Acting Assistant Deputy of Legal Services SOE (February 12, 2016).

He obtained an award from President Republic of Indonesia namely Satya Lancana Karya Satya (10 years dedication) in 2015.

He has also followed various training and workshop as follows Prajabatan Golongan III Training (1997), Training Management of the Finance for Executives (1999), Education and Training for PNS Position (2000), Training Adum (2000), Procurement Category L2 (2006), ESQ Leadership (2007), and Diklatim Level III (2007), Procurement Parallel Class Training (2010), Training Leadership Program (2017).



Born in Yogyakarta on 21 May 1963. Completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology, Surabaya. During his career he served as Head of Land Quality (1999-2002), Head of Cooperation & Airport Facilities Network (2002-2005) Director General of Transportation, Head of Order for Adban Juanda Surabaya (2005-2007), Transportation Attache of Indonesian Embassy in Canada (2007-2011), Kabag . TU Airport Authority Office Area I Main Class Soetta (2011-2013), Head of Region II Airport Authority (2013-2014), Head of Airport Authority Office III Class III Juanda Surabaya Airport (2014-2015), Head of Airport Authority Office Region V Hasanuddin Makassar Class I (2015), Head of the Air Transportation Research and Development Center (2015), Secretary of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (2015-2016), Board of Commissioners of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) (2018-Present).
Have attended training and workshops in a number of countries such as the Philippines, France, Holland, England, P3 Training in the United States, Japan, ICAO Assembly and The 28th Section of the ICAO Assembly in Canada, D-8 Meeting ABUJA in Nigeria, and China.